Save water with Aquai

Monitor your water consumption, get notifications when leaks are detected, and more with Aquai's Smart Water Solutions
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Water - our most precious resource. Using technology to conserve.

Smart Water Management

For Hoteliers

  • Save Water

  • Reduce Operational Expenses

  • Attract more Customers

An arial view of a hotel along the beach.

Smart Water Management

For Apartment Owners

  • Decrease indoor water use by as much as 12%

  • Protect your property from water damage

  • Increase your property value

A modern-looking apartment building lit up at night.

Smart Water Management

For Home Owners

  • Get proactive notifications of water leaks

  • Save water and lower your monthly cost

  • Protect your home and help the environment

Image of the exterior of a beautiful single family home at night.

Proactive Water Management by Aquai

The Aquai Water Management Solution was designed to serve each of our targeted markets with 6 key objectives in mind:

Reduce Water Use and Monthly Costs

Report Leaks and Excess Water Use down to the actual water consuming appliance

Protect the Property from water damage

Protect the Environment and help everyone achieve their water conservation objectives

Enabled Data Driven Resource Management

Easy to Install

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