Aquai for Apartment Owners

Manage your water consumption of one or multiple apartment buildings or complexes

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Proactively manage water use in your apartments. Protect your property from water damage. Increase the value of your property!
Leaks Detected & Excess Water Use
Leaks detected and resolved proactively. Water reduction events triggered, resulting in less water being used
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Total Water saved Year-To-Date.

The Aquai Apartment Water Management Solution proactively lets you see if you have any water related issues in your entire property, a particular building, floor, apartment or room. Can be used allocate water cost to tenants more equitably. Proactively reduce water waste and reduce the resources needed to maintain your apartments in optimal condition.  

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Value for Property Owners

Water and sewer prices have been rising faster than any other utility, nearly doubling about every 12 years.

Water heating can account for as much as 40% of energy use at a property. Water management and proactive leak detection prevent property damage, increase the value of the property and improves the overall cash flow of the property. *

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Value for Management

Aquai's proactive water monitoring solution helps tenants decrease their water use by as much as 12% and as reported by many Multi-tenant organizations, it leads to higher resident satisfaction and retention. Residents are also drawn to eco-friendly housing.

Water conservation also leads to a higher Net Operating Income (NOI) and as a result a higher property value.  

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Value for your Tenants

Tenants are drawn to eco-friendly housing and organizations with water conservation initiatives. There is a significant push to go green and residents not only want to be part of it, but are 3 X more willing to renew their contract if the property has conservation and proactive maintenance measures in place.

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Value for Maintenance Managers

Get an overview of the water consumption and maintenance requirements of each apartment through real-time analytics. Real-time information helps maintenance managers optimize their resources and prioritize maintenance issues.

Organizations have been able to increase their staff productivity by as much as 20%.

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Value for the Local Community

Water makes local communities flourish and beautiful. It attracts and helps to retain renters and makes your property more valuable. It contributes to a greener World.

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