Aquai for Hoteliers

Manage your indoor water consumption of one or multiple hotels

Gal used YTD
Proactively manage water use in your hotel. Attract more pro-environment customers. Let the world know you care!
Leaks Detected & Excess Water Use
Leaks detected and resolved proactively. Determine excess use and incentivise conservation
Gal saved YTD
Water saved Year-To-Date.

The Aquai Hotel Water Management Solution proactively lets you see if you have any water related issues in your entire property, a particular building, floor, or room. Proactively reduce water waste, hedge against possible property damage, and reduce resources needed to maintain your property in optimal condition.  

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Value for Property Owners

85.6% Of Travelers Say They Would Pay More For An Eco-friendly Choice Of Hotels*.

Attract New Customers and lower your OPEX by consuming less water, preventing water damage, and optimizing maintenance resources.

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Value for Hotel Management

Aquai monitors each water consuming key appliance within rooms and reports back in real-time its consumption, maintenance requirements and recommendations to conserve water. This leads to a significant reducing in water use - up to 10% less.

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Value for your Customers

Customers contribute to a greener plant and participate in conserving natural resources without sacrificing comfort. 9:1 seek out an environmentally friendly hotel. Customers feel satisfaction and increasingly seek greener hotels.

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Value for Maintenance Managers

Get an overview of the water consumption and maintenance requirements of each room real-time. Thanks to real-time analytics down to each room, maintenance managers and their staff can resolve issues proactively and allocate resources to top priorities, increasing staff productivity as much as 20%

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Value for the Local Community

Water makes local communities flourish and beautiful. Communities that protect it and manage it proactively also send a positive message to the world. It attracts and helps to retain loyal turism for ages to come.

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